Kornelia Kokona

10 years experience
E-mail: contact@dogwalkingandcoaching.com
Brief info

People who know Kornelia since she was very young, can approve that she has always been ready to help animals in need. Since she was very little she would sneak stray kittens just to feed them and give them a warm bath, without the family knowing it.

After years of individual work on helping stray animals, at the age of 16 she was one of the founders of the first Albanian NGO on the defense against animal cruelty, ARA. There she had the opportunity to attend several projects on Tirana and Durres of Capture-Spay/Neuter-Vaccinate-and Release of a high number of dogs and cats. She has been an advocate against animal cruelty and has always been in action, when needed. Kornelia helped with the rescue of 2 bears from a restaurant in Krraba (Tirana). Marko and Maria, were sent in Romania after 9 months of legal battle against the owner of the restaurant.

In 2012 Kornelia started to study Veterinarian Medicine in the Agriculture University of Tirana. This was another big step for her on her mission on helping animals. She has two full years of experience as a Veterinarian Assistant in Pet Care Clinic in Tirana, and is very proud on all the experience she got there.

Through the years Kornelia has been very interested on canine psychology, knowing how dogs interact with each other, other animals and the world. She has an amazing interaction with dogs with different backgrounds, that have problems with behavior or fear.

In February 2020 she attended an international workshop from Brian Agnew “The Missing Link” part of LUCAS AGNEW Workshops about Dog Psychology.


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