Pet Sitting Service

We are animal lovers dedicated to the care and comfort of the furry, feathered and finned members of your family. Whether you need midday dog walks, pet sitting, vacation visits or give medication during a visit, we care for your pet in the same loving manner that you would if you were at home. Since 2015, we have been providing loving care to the canine and feline residents of Tirana. While we primarily care for dogs and cats, we also do provide care for guinea pigs, hamsters, fish and some small reptiles.

Our visiting schedules are flexible since our team is big and we can handle to visit various places at one in Tirana.

Each visit is tracked via GPS through our app. Pictures, time-frame of the visit and other important information regarding the visit will be e-mailed to you by the end of our visit.

Why should you use a professional pet sitter?

  • Allow your pet to remain in his or her home by elimination the stress of changing the environment. Some dogs are not very social to new environment or to other dogs, and for cats it is traumatic the quick change of the environment.
  • Allow your pet to receive individual and personal attention.
  • Give your home that “lived-in” appearance while you are away.
  • Know that your pet is being cared for in the manner to which he or she is accustomed.

How it works?

Dogs basic sitting package includes 2 visits per day of 30-45 minutes each. During the visit we change the food and water of the dog, give them a walk near the neighborhood to stretch the legs and also “finish up some personal work 😛 “. The service also offers to clean up after the dog if they do any accidents; and/or giving medication if the they have any type of medical need. If you require extra visits or longer hours of stay/walk per visit, there will be an extra fee involved.

Other pets and/or cats sitting services starts with one visit per day, but we always suggest at least 2 visits/day to all pets to give them all the individual human attention they need. The service includes changing the food and water of the pet; cleaning the litter box or anything the pet leave after; giving medication. Each visit lasts on a average of 20 minutes.


Dog Basic Sitting is 1500 ALL/Day with 2 visits per day of 30-45 minutes each visit for all residents near the center (inside the medium ring of the city). Outside of the medium ring of the city there is an extra fee of 300 ALL/Day. For a third visit during the day the extra fee of 800 ALL/Visit that would also last 30-45 minutes.

Other pets and/or cats sitting cost 500 ALL/Visit. A minimum of 1 visit/day is required in the period we have responsibility for the pet, for health safety of the pet. However we always advice owners to require 2 visits per day.


For Holidays there is an extra fee of +300 ALL/visit.

The Holiday dates are as follows:

24 Dec – 03 Jan

27 Nov – 30 Nov

15 Jun – 15 Sep


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