Dog Walking Service

At Dog Walking and Coaching Tirana we pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable, experienced dog walking service in the urban areas and around the suburbs of Tirana. We are been in the business since 2015 and started by providing dog walking to expats families in Tirana.

All our walks are tracked via GPS through an app we use. All the route of the walk; info regarding how long was the walk and pictures taken during the time will be email-ed to the dog owner right after the walk has ended. Our experience makes us strong individuals that know how to handle different type of dogs in different types of situations, against another angry dog with or without owners.

Things you should know about our dog walking service:

  1. First walk for free. If you are interested on getting to know our methods of work, we can have a free consultation at your place or our residence; meet your 4pawed friend and give him a free walk of 30 minutes to give you a taste of our dog walking service.
  2. Dog info. We would require a full information sheet regarding the itinerary of the usual dog walk, treats the dog likes or what he is allergic to, health check on current certificate of vaccination, and request they are wormed/flea treated.
  3. Pick up and drop off schedule. We are usually flexible on schedules so we will always come to an agreement on the time when to pick up your dog or drop him off after the walk.
  4. Walk on extreme weathers. Walks take place on all weather days (including rainy days).  We would request for you to provide a raincoat for your dog on rainy days. If weather is extreme and a danger to your dog, walks may be postponed until clear or cancelled.  The cancelled walk will be credited to you for future walks, of course.

30 minutes walk: 1000 ALL

60 minutes walk: 1800 ALL

You get 20% OFF if you prepay 20 or more walks upfront.


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