Dog Hotel Service

We will offer an exceptional experience to your dog while staying with us. At our facility you will find the perfect Dog Hotel in Tirana to provide your furry friend a home away from home.  We are a peaceful resting place, where all good dogs play and sleep in mutual places.

Our facility offers safe indoor and outdoor playground where dogs interact always under human supervision. The space is frequently disinfected for safety standards.

In the hotel service, you will find these options included:

  1. Up to 2 walks / day. All dogs in our facility are walked in the urban area and parks near us making is the ONLY dog hotel in Tirana to provide this service. Walks are no shorter than 30 minutes (or 2km) and we provide up to two walks a day per dog, depending on the need or level of energy the dog has. All itineraries are tracked with GPS and the route of the map and pictures of the dog during the walk will be sent to the owners email by the end of each walk.
  2. Dry Food. At Dog Walking and Coaching we use Farmina Professional Breeder dry food, with chicken or salmon (if the dog is allergic to chicken). This is a cruelty free dog food and high on protein and vitamins that are needed on a canine diet. If your dog has a specific kind of food that you wish not to switch, we would recommend to bring along the amount that your dog will consume during the stay.
  3. Play Time and Socialization. After the walks, the dogs spend their day in our indoor and outdoor spaces where they rest or socialize by playing, depending on their energy level. We are always there during this time to supervise the games and how dogs interact with each other.

For the safety of the dogs that attend our facility and for the quality of our standards there are some rules regarding the dogs that can be part of our services:


  1. All dogs should be up to date with vaccines and anti-parasite protections.
  2. All dogs from 6 months of age can attend this service.
  3. All dogs should be spayed and neutered. No exceptions please.
  4. No human-aggressive or dog-aggressive dogs are permitted in the Hotel or Day Care service.
  5. No dogs with separation anxiety issues are permitted.
  6. All dogs who require our services, go through specific test to know their character around people and dogs.
  7. We do not offer post-hospitalization services, so dogs who need strict medical attention cannot attend our facility.

The hotel service is charged per night and the cost of the stay is 1500 ALL/night.

For stays of 10 days or more a free full grooming session is offered for the dog.

For stays less than 3 nights, check outs later than 1 pm have an extra fee of 1000 ALL.


For Holidays there is an extra fee of +500 ALL/night.

The Holiday dates are as follows:

23 Dec – 03 Jan

27 Nov – 30 Nov

15 Jun – 15 Sep.

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