? To be considered, each prospective adopting family must complete an application, participate in an interview and pass a home and background check. We are not accepting applications from families with children or young adults. You and your family members must all be at least 25 years of age.

? Experience with dogs is preferred. However, adopting families without experience are reviewed on a case by case basis. Specific training requirements include completing a minimum of two training sessions with a professional trainer upon adoption and completing basic obedience within the first six months. Additional training sessions with a professional trainer/behaviorist may be a condition of adoption depending on the dog’s nature and adopting family experience.

? Successful applicants will be matched with a dog that fits their family circumstances.

? An adoption agreement will be provided to the family for signature prior to the dog’s journey to you. If at any time during the dog’s life the family is unable to care for the dog, the dog will be immediately returned to Dog Coaching Center.

? Adopting families are required only to cover the travel costs (tickets and travel documents if the travel is overseas) of the dogs from Dog Coaching Center to their home and the transport crate that the dog will be traveling.

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